Assistive Listening

Speech Assistive Devices

Visual Impairment : Optelec Clear Reader+

The OptelecClearReader+ is a high tech scan and read tool for the visually impaired person to read any kind of printed material such as letters, magazines, novels, newspapers with just a single press of a button.

Visual Impairment : ZY FUSE - HEATER

Explore and interpret pictures, maps, mathematical symbols, graphs & diagrams with Tactile diagrams which can be easily produced using the ZY®-Fuse Heater.

Visual Impairment : FUSE STARTER PACK

The Zy-Fuse Starter Pack is a combo of the stunning technology which includes everything you need to produce tactile diagrams.

Visual Impairment : Compact Mini

Imagine being able to easily read from medicine dosage labels, restaurant menus and bus timetables despite of low vision.

Speech Impairment : GoTalk Pocket

GoTalk Pocket is small, disceet, 30 messages AAC device which ensures you communication on the go.

Speech Impairment : Attainment Talkers

Attainment Talkers are easy to record and use, each with 10 seconds of recording time per message.

Speech Impairment : iTalk2 with Levels

iTalk2 with Levels allows you to pre-record a number of choices for use throughout the day, or record and store choices that are used on a regular basis.

Speech Impairment : LITTLEmack Communicators

Simply record any message directly into the LITTLEmack Communicator for one-touch, single message playback up to two minutes in length.

Hearing Impairment : Converter PRO

The Conversor Pro allows you to take an active part in everyday listening situations, without the frustration of not hearing properly. It is designed for easy use with Telecoil-equipped hearing aids, cochlear implants, and binaural headphones or earbuds.